Seeking Blog Tour Hosts for The Founders

The FoundersWe are currently putting together a week long blog tour for The Founders by Holly Barbo. It will be from August 5 – August 11. If you would like to host a guest post, interview, excerpt, or do a book review please be sure to leave a comment or contact us at papercranebooks[at]gmail[dot]com. Thanks!

Recruited by an ancient race, a group of people from Earth colonize the lovely planet Ose in a far corner of the galaxy. Thirty-two years after the Founders settle the unanticipated happens. A small asteroid hits on the edge of the continent instantly throwing them into a “nuclear winter” weather pattern. Struggling to survive, the young culture slips ever nearer to a survival of the fittest world.

In this climate of hardship, Marisily comes of age. She flees for her life after watching her mother die. Unexpectedly, she discovers the cave in which she seeks refuge was a hidden Ancient’s shelter and the secrets within it reveal that she is a sage: a small group of seemingly unrelated people with heightened extra senses that are strangely linked to the planet itself.

The conditions reach dangerous levels as more citizens become victims of the outlaw bands. Marisily struggles to stay safe when she is targeted for slavery. A clandestine plan is devised to take back the society and reestablish the founding culture. Can they do it in time?

Tour Schedule
August 5:
August 6:
August 7:
August 8:
August 9:
August 10:
August 11:

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