New Releases and Construction

Before I get into the new releases, I would just like to say that this website will be under construction. So please excuse the digital dust. I’m hoping to make it more organized and easier to navigate. So in case you were wondering why some of the pages look a bit inconsistent, then that’s why. We’ll also be including a couple more author services to authors who don’t wish to contract with us. Be on the look out for that in the upcoming month!

We have two new releases this month in our month of paperbacks!

Divergent Paths is now available on Amazon in print! So if you’re a fan of the Sage Seed Chronicles, please be sure to pick up the sequel now that it’s out. We’re hard at work going through the third book in the series so that it’s out before the holidays.

Michelle Franklin has a paperback out, too. Tales from Frewyn: The Opera & The Reporter from Marridon is a print compilation of both The Opera and The Reporter from Marridon. If you’ve ever wanted to own the stories in print and hold them in your hands, now you can!

We’d also like to mention that the collection was just released over the weekend and has already managed to get into the Top 100 Books in Fantasy Anthologies. Congratulations, Michelle!

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