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Today is officially our birthday! I still can’t believe that the press has managed to make it this far and what an amazing two years it’s been! The patience that my authors have given me as we all learn to navigate the rough waters of publishing is just astounding. Together, we went from just publishing ebooks and the occasional paperbacks to going into audiobook territory. The Reweaving is just about to wrap up its audiobook production and Spirit Vision has just gone into its audiobook production. And in two years, we’re seeing the end of an series—the Sage Seed Chronicles will be concluding when we release The Lost later this month.

There’s been a few things that I’ve been concerned with design-wise with our site and logo. More and more users are starting to use their smartphones and tablets to access the site and our previous layout, though it was fine, didn’t scale-down well. This new layout is cleaner and responsive, so you don’t have to worry about viewing it on any device. And our logo got a little facelift with the new design.

New Paper Crane Books Logo

I’m also proud to announce that our submissions are officially open again. I’m looking for at least one more author to join the team before I close down submissions indefinitely. So if you have a fantasy, science fiction, or YA novel that you want published and are seeking a small press, do be sure to submit today! You never know when I’ll find the right novel and close submissions.

Don’t forget: You have until midnight to enter to win our birthday and Valentine’s Day giveaway! Enter today!

Stop by tomorrow to download the next wallpaper freebie featuring a quote from Spirit Vision!

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