New Release: Sage Seed Chronicles + April Wallpaper

It’s here! The e-boxed set of The Sage Seed Chronicles by Holly Barbo is now available! If you purchase the complete series via the boxed set, you’ll save 30%! Plus, we’ve added a bonus short story to give you a taste of Holly’s upcoming short story collection that will be released later this year!

Not familiar with the series?

All five books of the Sage Seed Chronicles combined into one collection.

Follow the stories of 3 strong young women who are sages of the planet Ose. As sages, they help keep the planet stabilized and live for centuries.

Marisily’s sage abilities awaken when she flees for her life after watching her mother die. With more citizens becoming victims of the bands of outlaws, Marisiliy struggles to stay safe when she is targeted for slavery. She becomes key in the clanedestine plan among the government to take back the society and reestablish the founding culture. But can they do it in time?

Centuries later, Ree’s abilities awaken during the time of a plague. With her unique sage abilities, she becomes vital to finding the cure to the virulent disease that has taken hundreds. In the middle of the crisis, a counterfeiter takes advantage of the events, putting several other lives in peril. The sages must right the multiple crises before anyone else falls prey to the events. Rare natives of the planet have important information to impart if the sages can decipher their cryptic message.

As the years pass, Erin is born. She is the child of two established sages. But when they are murdered, Erin manages to escape and must disguise herself as a boy to avoid being taken by the men who are after her. She later discovers that they’re not only after her, but all of the sages as they deem them “witches” of the planet. But these murders only upset the planet’s delicate balance and the loss of so many sages causes the planet to become unstable. Earthquakes and storms plague the denizens of Ose. Can the sages manage to fix the problem and restore balance and order to their planet?

Right now, it’s only available on Amazon and Smashwords. It’ll be available at other major ebook retailers within the next few weeks.

A bit late this month, but the April wallpaper features a quote from The Number by Sheenah Freitas!

April 2014 Wallpaper

Download it here: Widescreen | Standard | Tablet | Smartphone

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