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Our first anthology, Recollection of Shared Days: Stories of Celebration, is going to be released on July 22. That’s THIS Tuesday. But we can’t decide on which cover to use, so we need YOUR help. We want a cover that we know readers will like and after some trial and error, we’ve narrowed it down to these few covers. You can click on the covers to view a larger size. To help you make your decision, here’s our official blurb:

The desire to celebrate is intrinsic to human nautre. Whether it be a victory or a new season, humans have found something to use as an excuse to get together and party. The authors at Paper Crane Books have written original stories to showcase the days we all love best: holidays. Seven stories. Four seasons. They span across time, countries, and even worlds. Come and celebrate with us!

Cover #1

Alternative Cover #1

Cover #2

Cover #3

Like a cover but feel some of the text needs to be moved or tweaked? Vote for it and leave your suggestions in the comments! The more we know, the better we can make the cover.

6 Comments on “Pick Your Favorite!”

  1. Dominika

    To be honest I liked the first one best – which was the one with two boys but with blue background. You could see trees, like forest, and it gave the whole picture a melancholic feeling. Because it wasn’t included here, I chose Alternative cover, which is the closest to the one I liked.
    Both black and fireworks covers are just weird considering the stories inside – fireworks cover is extremely random and black one looks very depressing and I feel has not much to do with Celebration.

    1. Alex

      Considering the title is Stories of Celebration I’d go as far as to say that fireworks are commonly associated with celebrations. Ergo fireworks are not random at all but convey to viewers an act of celebration.

  2. Maria BradleyMaria Bradley

    I went for #3 because it shows more of an actual celebration going on, and I liked the colours! 🙂 Pinned on my board (all 4) with links directing back here for people to choose!

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