Episode 1: Player Character by Michelle Franklin (G)

Download the episode here

UPDATE: We just realized we uploaded the wrong file. The correct file is now up. Please enjoy Player Character by Michelle Franklin!

Welcome to the first episode of the Indies’ Reading Block Podcast! We’re excited to be starting this project so that we can share readings of short stories and excerpts from all the talented indie authors out there. We will include ratings for each episode so you know if this is something the kids in the car can listen to or not. On our first episode, we’ll be featuring one of our own authors: Michelle Franklin. She reads a short story entitled “Player Character.” The short story mostly revolves around Alasdair who is king of Frewyn in Michelle’s long-running Haanta series.

If you wish to learn more about Michelle, be sure to stop by her blog for more free stories. Or you can follow her on Twitter and like her on Facebook.

On our next episode, which will be airing on November 15, we’ll be featuring an excerpt from a science-fiction novel by Lisa Williamson.

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