Free December Wallpapers

December 2014 Preview

It’s that time of month again: free wallpaper time! Because we failed to upload the November wallpaper last month, you’re getting it for free this month, too! That’s right: two free quotes to choose from to decorate your favorite device.

Our official December wallpaper features a quote from Holly Barbo’s award-winning novel, THE LOST. It’s sure to make you feel cold and wishing for a little less green outside. You can download the wallpaper in various formats here:

Widescreen | Standard | Tablet | Smartphone

Last month we originally wanted to feature a quote from the short story “The Poppy” by Morgan Straughan Comnick that’s featured in our anthology SHARED DAYS: STORIES FOR ALL SEASONS, but unfortunately with the flurry of the release of NEW BEGINNINGS, we weren’t able to find time to upload. And since it’s just sitting here in our harddrive, we decided to release it as a bonus quote wallpaper this month. Hope you like it!

Widescreen | Standard | Tablet | Smartphone

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