Who we are

Paper Crane Books has become a company that strives to push great speculative fiction and teen fiction with the occasional short story collection. Our authors are nerds themselves and continue to explore not only the roots of fantasy (like in the Haanta series) and science fiction but also push the boundaries of their genres. Sometimes the lines blur between what is fantasy and what is science fiction (such as in the Sage Seed Chronicles) and sometimes the lines blur between multiple genres (such as in Spirit Vision). But whatever you’re looking for, it’s sure to be great.

What we do

We publish quality stories. As a publishing company, we provide a full-scale publishing service for each of our authors. They receive structural edits, proofreads, marketing help, cover art (if needed), and a website (if needed) all at no cost to them. We help them get their books published as ebooks, paperbacks, or audiobooks.

If you’re a self-published author and you’re not looking for a publisher to publish your books, no problem! We offer most of our services to self-published authors at affordable prices. They can be at ease knowing that their book(s) are in capable hands.

Our story

Paper Crane Books started from an author who has a passion for books. After the current small press she had been with closed down their fiction section, she decided to start her own press. This author learned the ins and outs of publishing and as an author, she knew all the frustrations other authors went through to get their books into readers’ hands.

She wanted to start a press that had a close bond with every author they publish. She knew she wanted a press that helped their authors strengthen their writing and free up some of their time so they could be more creative. Marketing is inevitable, but why do authors have to do it alone?

The author in question is me, Sheenah Freitas, and I want Paper Crane Books to be a place where authors can collaborate with one another and share ideas. Writing is a lonely occupation, but it doesn’t have to be.

I enjoy helping other authors succeed and I enjoy recommending and giving books to readers that will take them away for a while. I hope that you, as the reader, can sense the passion and enthusiasm that goes into creating each and every one of the books that gets published through Paper Crane Books. I love what I do and I hope you enjoy the stories.

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