For those authors who wish to self publish, we offer special services to help them along. Please note that all authors published by us get all of these services (and more) for free.

If you’re interested, please send an email with the following information:
Your Name
Which service(s) you are seeking
Your Paypal address

Please note that we only accept payment through PayPal at this time. Send all inquiries to: papercranebooks[at]gmail[dot]com or use the contact form.

Formatting Services

Cover formatting comes bundled with all print formatting jobs. However, for those who just need a cover formatted for print, there’s a separate price for you. Bundled formatting is perfect for those who need both ebook and print formatting work on a project. In case you were wondering which pricing you fall under, these are our guidelines:

Ebook Formatting

Print Formatting

Bundled Formatting

Proofreading Services

Design Services

Because of the amount of time required to do design work, there might be times when you get placed on a waiting list and/or I turn the work down.

Cover Design

All covers will be created with a minimum of 300 dpi. Once you receive the cover, you may do with it as you please (such as use them on bookmarks, etc.) If you wish to use a certain stock image, please be aware that you must purchase the image’s commercial license. Besides photomanipulation, I also have minor experience in digital painting.

The prices below are the basic price. Prices could go up depending upon how much work needs to be rendered.

Click here to view my portfolio of covers

Web Design

I’ve been web designing for 10+ years and am quite proficient in HTML and CSS. I know some minor Javascript and PHP, at least enough to create a fully functional WordPress theme.

Click here to view my portfolio of layouts

Miscellaneous Designs

For all other design work. Be sure to ask about something if you don’t see it listed here.

Click here to view my portfolio of miscellaneous design work

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