Free February 2015 Wallpaper

February 2015 wallpaper

Oh February. The month of love and chocolate and, usually, the last month of really cold weather. This month also marks the release of AMANDA MOONSTONE: THE MISSING PRINCE to our line-up and marks Dan Wright’s first Paper Crane Books novel. To celebrate, we decided to feature a quote from his short story “Death on Valentine’s Day,” which was featured … Read More

Free January 2015 Wallpaper

January 2015 Wallpaper Preview

It’s a new year and most importantly: a new month. To celebrate, our wallpaper this month feature’s a rather large image of dark chocolate. Why? To coincide with the quote from “The Five-Second Rule” by Michelle Franklin, of course! Her character, Rautu, unfortunately dropped a piece of dark chocolate (the horror!) and contemplates whether to let it be or pick … Read More

Free December Wallpapers

December 2014 Preview

It’s that time of month again: free wallpaper time! Because we failed to upload the November wallpaper last month, you’re getting it for free this month, too! That’s right: two free quotes to choose from to decorate your favorite device. Our official December wallpaper features a quote from Holly Barbo’s award-winning novel, THE LOST. It’s sure to make you feel … Read More

Free October 2014 Wallpaper

October 2014 Wallpaper Preview

This month we’re featuring a quote from “The Secret Life of Mr Craw,” which is a short story featured in Tales from Frewyn: Volume 2 by Michelle Franklin. Mr Craw is a rather busy gull and one of many endearing animal friends in the Haanta series. Download the wallpaper now: Widescreen | Standard | Tablet | Smartphone

Free September 2014 Wallpaper

This month we’re featuring a quote from “Rockets” by Holly Barbo, featured in our first press anthology Recollection of Shared Days: Stories of Celebration. Though the story takes place in the 1960s during Independence Day, I thought the beauty of the words could linger with us as summer comes to a close. Download the wallpaper now: Widescreen | Standard | … Read More

Free August 2014 Wallpaper

This month we feature a quote from the short story “My Own Treasure” featured in Musings from Yesteryear by Sheenah Freitas. Out of an entire collection penned during her teen years, this particular story is the one that raises most eyebrows from people who know her because of the rather colorful language used from a character. Download the wallpaper now: … Read More

Free July 2014 Wallpaper

July 2014 Wallpaper Preview

We’re going to be releasing an anthology featuring stories from every author here at the press. It’ll be called Recollection of Shared Days: Stories of Celebration and all the stories will take place on some sort of holiday or day of celebration. From Valentine’s to Christmas, we’ve tackled seven days of celebrations between the five of us. The collection will … Read More

Free June 2014 Wallpaper

June 2014 preview

This month’s free wallpaper features a quote from a skunk. Tempo is Erin’s friend and he’s featured in books 3-5 of the Sage Seed Chronicle series by Holly Barbo. He says this particular quote in the third book,¬†The Unraveling. Download it here:¬†Widescreen | Standard | Tablet | Smartphone

New Release: A Sweet, Little Dream + May Wallpaper

Morgan Straughan Comnick’s first short story collection is now available to purchase as an ebook at Amazon and Smashwords! It will be available in other retailers in the upcoming weeks. We’re also going to be releasing this collection in paperback! It’ll be available within 2-3 weeks. This collection was born thanks to adventures to magical places that my youthful imagination … Read More

New Release: Sage Seed Chronicles + April Wallpaper

It’s here! The e-boxed set of The Sage Seed Chronicles by Holly Barbo is now available! If you purchase the complete series via the boxed set, you’ll save 30%! Plus, we’ve added a bonus short story to give you a taste of Holly’s upcoming short story collection that will be released later this year! Not familiar with the series? All … Read More