The Number Blog Tour Signups

We’re putting together yet another blog tour! 2013 could very well be the year of the blog tour. This time, we’re putting together a blog tour for The Number by Sheenah Freitas. The blog tour will run June 17 — June 30. If you want to help host, please fill out the form below! The novel is a YA fantasy and is the second book in the Zincian Legend Trilogy.

The blurb:
Kaia disappeared for five years. Now she’s back and her planet is on the brink of war.

The new “Numbers” program, created by the Tueors’ leader, tracks and isolates demigods. Kaia’s friend, Catrina, refuses to take part, and that makes her the most dangerous Number of all.

It’s Kaia’s duty to gather and protect the treasures of the gods. But neither the treasures nor Catrina are what they appear to be.

As the day a dire prophesy foresees draws near, will Kaia reverse the gears of fate, or will everything she’s ever loved be burned away by the flames of war?

Blog tour signups are now CLOSED

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