Episode 6: Mr. MonkeyBadger and the Candyfloss Orangutan by Dan Wright (G)

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Welcome to episode 6 of the Indies’ Reading Block Podcast!

There’s been a slight change to this episode. Last episode we mentioned we were going to feature a short story from Holly Barbo, but due to unforeseen circumstances, I was forced to reschedule. Holly’s story will now be featured on the February 15 show. This episode we’ll be featuring MR. MONKEYBADGER AND THE CANDYFLOSS ORANGUTAN by Dan Wright, a children’s short story. This episode is rated G.

Dan lives in Canterbury. He picked up a love of fantasy stories after reading THE LORD OF THE RINGS, THE NARNIA BOOKS and numerous Roald Dahl novels. He is best known for his Draconica series, a fantasy/manga series that has been praised for its anime-styled action, humour and illustrations.

Dan also runs his own website, blog and a wiki page dedicated to the world of Draconica and is a part time reviewer of books. His other hobby is playing guitar in a band called Rage of Silence. He likes all kinds of music—but he mainly listens to rock and metal, rap, some pop music and also film and video game scores. He also loves Disney and Pixar movies—often finding himself singing along to the tunes, or crying manly tears! He is also a slave to his cat, who takes up a lot of his time when he isn’t at work or writing!

MR. MONKEYBADGER AND THE CANDYFLOSS ORANGUTAN is a short children’s story Dan Wright has provided us to showcase the various stories he’s capable of writing. It’s a humorous story full of strange and colorful creatures and is sure to delight the young and old.

If you’re interested in learning more about Dan Wright, head on over to his website. Or follow him on Twitter. Or like his Facebook page.

Our next episode will air on February 1 and will feature an excerpt from a YA novel by Maria Bradley.

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